Protecting and Defending both Private and Industrial Objects

The presence of external and internal risks (such as robbery, indiscretion, fire, flood, espionage, terrorist acts etc.) threatens the safety of an object. Therefore, in order to avoid all these threats we need to make some serious averting arrangements and install a well organized protecting system. This service can be full time - for the objects that need full time protection, or it can be part time – for the objects that need protection only for a specific period of time. (E.g. while functioning or happening etc.).

DAKOTA SECURITY SERVICE will take into consideration the object’s aspect and the result of the examination of the risks, and after this will define the configuration of the security and protection system that can be formed by either access control guard or static and mobile guards (such as patrol).

Acces control

In order to prevent illegal entrance, vandalism, abuse, fire or illegal intrusion to a private property and to control, systematize and instruct a bigger public, DAKOTA SECURITY SERVICE provides qualified personnel, properly equipped to carry out and fulfill the most effective access control and guard services. All these are made to satisfy your direct request in assuring the safety of yourself and your property.

Secure transportation of valuable goods

Secure transportation of valuable goods is a very important mission created to overcome all crime elements that might attack the transportation. Our highly trained security officers create favorable conditions for the transportation vehicle to exit the dangerous zone and continue its mission through another and more safe way.

The secure transportation is realized by specialized guards with one or more security officers depending on the necessities.

Body guard services

DAKOTA SECURITY SERVICE through its body guard services assures protection and defence of the client whose liberty or/and physical integrity might be endangered (e.g. outrage, robbery, threatening with murder etc. ). Our body guards prevent harassment and unpleasant situations, as well.

Monitoring objects and fast intervention

The monitoring operations are functioning through the DAKOTA SECURITY SERVICE central monitoring reception with its aim to treat all events with high efficiency in protecting and defending the secured objects.
The reception uses up-to-date communication (voice and data) equipments. We take the following steps in the process of monitoring:
  • Alarm detection and transmission to the central reception
  • Identify the end user (by code, name, address etc.), instruct and send the intervention team to the scene of action.
  • Intervention at the scene of action and analyze the cause of the alarm
  • Communicate the cause of the alarm to the central reception
  • In case of a false alarm, reset the alarm system and continue the patrol
  • In case of a real alarm the intervention team makes the first necessary methods to annihilate the crime event.

 DAKOTA SECURITY SERVICE provides its own intervention teams formed by highly trained security officers equipped for a fast and effective intervention in case of any type of crime.
We offer intervention services for the following:

  • Monitoring objects
  • Secure transportation of valuable goods, money or jewelry
  • Clients with more different specific activities that require monitoring
  • VIP protection/Bodyguard services, special event security and protection
  • Any other specific activity that a particular company feels the necessity of having our security officers or intervention team at their hand

Security consultancy services

DAKOTA SECURITY SERVICE offers consultancy in identifying optimal solutions regarding security and protection of the objects. We also offer risk and threat verification, installation of your own security system and instruction of your personnel for the necessary security actions.

DAKOTA SECURITY SERVICE can also assist when planning your security and protection system (which is usually the end user’s assignment). We not only assist, but also support the plan in the licensing process at the authorities.

Security devices installation

DAKOTA SECURITY SERVICE installs alarm systems, video surveillance systems, fire detection systems, networking and complete IT systems by implementing advanced solutions and technologies. Our goal is customer satisfaction by making available the most reliable technical solutions, our whole experience and skill, because we think that this is the only way to take fair and efficient decision to install one of these systems.